Wallet overview

A crypto wallet is an application or hardware device that allows individuals to store and retrieve digital items, like cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

A wallet address is a unique "public key". It corresponds to the address that will hold your digital assets (cryptocurrencies or NFTs).

A mnemonic, also called "seed phrase" or "secret recovery phrase" is a list of words that can be used to recover your crypto. On Algorand, a seed phrase is made of 25 words.

When you setup your wallet, memorize your seed phrase and back it up somewhere safe.

Supported wallet providers

EXA Market also supports the connection with a simple email address or social media account (powered by Magic Link).

Accessing my mnemonic

If you accessed EXA Market using a traditional provider such as MyALGO or Pera, no big surprise, you certainly had to write down your mnemonic even before using your wallet. Only you know where to find it! πŸ‘€

If you accessed EXA Market through quick access, such as an email address or a social media account, your wallet has been automatically created for you and you have now to request access to your mnemonic.

To do so, you will have to log in to the Magic Reveal Portal in order to reveal your mnemonic:

The process is the same as if you want to log in to EXA. Choose the quick access and authenticate.

You'll have to agree and click on the reveal button. Then your mnemonic will appear.

⚠️ Note: Remember to keep your mnemonic safe.

  • Only use your mnemonic for recovery purposes and not for daily logins.

  • Avoid typing your mnemonic on any internet-connected device.

  • Do not store your mnemonic on a computer.

  • Write down the words of your mnemonic physically on paper and store it in a safe location.

  • Keep multiple backups of your mnemonic in different locations.

  • Double-check the spelling and order of your mnemonic before storing it.

  • Log out after copying your mnemonic.

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